CMMSE 2017

Oana Brandibur, Eva Kaslik and Florin Rosu participated at the 17th CMMSE conference in Cadiz, Spain, between July 4-8, 2017. Three papers have been presented at the conference.

  • C. Bonchis, E. Kaslik, F. Rosu. Improved parallel simulations for fractional-order systems using HPC.
  • O Brandibur, E. Kaslik. Stability analysis of two-component incommensurate fractional-order systems and applications to the FitzHugh-Nagumo model.
  • E. Kaslik, M. Neamtu. Dynamics of a Four-Dimensional Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Model with Distributed Delays.

New PhD Student

Congratulations to our team member Oana Brandibur, who has successfully defended her Master’s thesis in July 2016 (entitled “Fractional-order differential equations and applications”, earning the maximal distinction) and has just started her PhD studies at the Doctoral School of Mathematics of the West University of Timisoara, under the supervision of Eva Kaslik.


The paper entitled “Parallel simulations for Fractional-Order Systems” (Andrada Baban, Cosmin Bonchis, Alexandru Fikl and Florin Rosu) has been accepted to be presented at the SYNASC 2016 conference, Timisoara (September 24-27, 2016) and will be published in the IEEE Conference Proceedings.


Rodica Radulescu, Oana Brandibur and Eva Kaslik participated at the ICNPAA 2016 conference in La Rochelle, France (July 5-8, 2016). The following talks have been presented:

  • “Nonlinear dynamics in a fractional-order Morris-Lecar neuronal model”
  • “Dynamics of complex-valued fractional-order neuronal networks”
  • “A comparison between the stability properties in a DDEs model for leukemia and the modified fractional counterpart” – accepted to be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings
  • “Stability analysis of a hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis model with inclusion of glucocorticoid receptor and memory” – accepted to be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings